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We work on the physical design, reliability and failure analysis of electronic components, solder joints and circuit-board assemblies.  We
provide expertise in the assessment of both standard tin-lead (SnPb) and lead-free (Pb-free) solder joint reliability.  
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We help our customers meet the reliability requirements of electronic packages and circuit-board assemblies.  To that effect, we offer:
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We provide hard data, test plans and analysis along with recommendations for problem-solving or product improvements.  We maintain
and grow one of the largest databases of solder properties, reliability models and failure data in the electronics industry. Our
Reliability Solutions (SRS) software is one of the most widely used solder joint life prediction program in industry
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Q3 2020

    Electronic products marketed in the European Union, mainland China and a growing number of areas, must now meet lead-free
    requirements.  Are you concerned about lead-free reliability?  Give us a call or sign up for our upcoming seminars or webinars.


  • Recent article:   Clech, J.-P. (EPSI Inc.), Coyle, R. J. (Nokia Bell Labs) and Arfaei, B. (Ford Motor Co. & Binghamton U.), "Pb-Free
    Solder Joint Thermo-Mechanical Modeling: State of the Art and Challenges", JOM (TMS), Advances in Electronic
    Interconnection Materials, January 2019.  Available for download.

  • Coming soon: Solder Reliability Solutions ("SRS"), Version 2.0.  Thank you for your patience.


  • Webinar: "Lead-Free Solder Joint Reliability Basics", December 4, 2019.
POST-WEBINAR: audio-recording is available by contacting Hobbs Engineering, tel.:  (303) 655-3051

  • A 3-hour WEBCAST on Acceleration Factors for Lead Free Solder Joint Reliability - including a review of and
    discussion of SEVEN different acceleration factor models that have been developed for lead-free soldered assemblies -
was recorded on March 23, 2010.  To get access to the presentation materials & audio recordings for this webinar, contact:
Sharon at Hobbs Engineering:
learn@hobbsengr.com , tel.: +1 (303)655-3051.

  • Our 2009 SMTAI paper, presented with co-authors from the Hewlett-Packard Corporation at the
SMTA International (SMTAI) conference in San Diego, CA, was selected
BEST OF PROCEEDINGS PAPER.  Download SMTAI 2009 presentation (.pdf file).

The paper: "
Closed form, strain energy based acceleration factors for thermal cycling of lead-free assemblies", by J-P. Clech,
Ph. D., Henshall, G., Ph. D. and Miremadi, J., can be purchased (with the 2009 SMTAI Proceedings) from the
SMTA bookstore at
http://www.smta.org/store/book_detail.cfm?book_id=358 .

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October 14, 2020:
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Hobbs Engineering.

Lead-Free (Pb*-free)
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can be made as
reliable as need be.
Find out what the
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*Pb = Plumbum (Latin)
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